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OFFF Paris 2010 · 24, 25, 26 June 2010 We have been invited by Adobe to make a presentation during their workshop in OFFF 2010 Paris (thursday 24th June 11:30 - 12:30).
It will be the occasion to show some recent works and surprises !

Since 2001, OFFF is exploring software
aesthetics and new languages for interactive
and visual expression.

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True Blood Season 3

We just released a promotionnal website for True Blood season 3, broadcasted in France by Orange Cinéma Séries.

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Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

Here comes Lady Million, the new glamorous and excessive perfume by Paco Rabanne.
The site turns you into the new Lady Million and makes you experience your own success story.
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Orange Cinéma Séries — Glee !

Here comes GLEE ! A musical-drama comedy for the aspiring rockstar in all of us.
Orange cinéma séries, the first channel to bring it in France, commissioned us to find a original way to promote the show on the web.
We chose to create a game allowing people to perform alongside Glee members week after week, on a soundtrack of hits from Queen, Madonna, and more.

Join, grab your micro or your keyboard, and perform !

PS: Unfortunately, you have to be a french viewer to actually reach the site.
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Diesel Fragrance — Products Catalogue

In the process of revamping Diesel Fragrance digital presence, our last challenge was to create the catalogue to present their broad range of products.

Diesel Fragrance — Online Magazine

Diesel Fragrance teamed with us to create it’s online magazine, a place mixing subculture, entertainment and brand happenings : Diesel Fragrance Factory.
The content of the mag is provided by a pool of hand picked creative editors like JeremyVille, or Marcelo Baldin (who already took part in the launch exhibition of Only the Brave we currated in 2008).
The look of the mag is constantly evolving, following the brand voice along the year. On top of the HTML structure, we added some flash bits giving the mag the madness it deserves :
Roll overs are exploding all over the screen & article titles are customized with special typo effects.

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Become Indestructible is FWA today!

Deviens Indestructible avec Studioline by HKI & McCann Paris
The site we did with McCann Paris for L’Oréal StudioLine is Site of the Day on FWA today!

IronMan is Adobe Site of the Day today!

adobe site of the day

17th may 2010, Adobe distinguishes Only The Brave x IronMan as site of the day!
Here is their comment: “Using classic images and stylish animation, this site stays true to the original comic’s Marvel roots while extending it online”

IronMan is FWA today!


11th may 2010, the site we created for Diesel’s Only The Brave x IronMan Limited edition is Site of the Day on FWA! This project is a massive mix of Papervision (the dev), 3D modelisation (the fists), and Art Direction (the look) based on Marvel treasures.

Congrats to the team, you are my superheros :)

StudioLine — Become Indestructible

studio line

We created a big site for StudioLine Indestructible global campaign managed by the sweet guys at McCann Paris.
The main feature is the hairstyler, where you can import your face (from your desk, facebook, or your webcam) and try a dozen of haircuts. You can also try the video facemapping to embody some talented street soccer players.

Only The Brave x IronMan Ltd Edition


Diesel teams with Marvel’s IronMan for the Only the Brave x IronMan special edition.
We are happy to contribute to one of the most entertaining way to promote fragrance.