Diesel Fragrance — Products Catalogue

Wednesday 15th 2010 16h04

In the process of revamping Diesel Fragrance digital presence, our last challenge was to create the catalogue to present their broad range of products.

The goal was to bring under one roof Fuel For Life and Only the Brave franchises and special editions, while expressing each product own personality.
The catalogue also needed to be fully adaptable to each market needs, and ready to welcome future products or franchises, following the development of the brand.

We wanted the whole site to offer a fluid and simple navigation. So we first focused on information architecture and usability to define the main grid which becomes the blackbone of every page.
Then we added the content and the design to express each franchise/product personality.

The site is built in xHTML, jQuery, and various plugins to display seamless transitions between the contents, without reloading the whole page.
And guess what ! It is fully enjoyable on iPad  & iPhone while still being compatible with the old Internet Explorer 6 !

Only the Brave x Ironman Limited Edition :

Only the Brave range :
Fuel For Life home page :

Fuel For life advertising :

Fuel For life women range :