Offf 2010 — Presentation

Tuesday 29th 2010 12h12

… so we are back to work after these few days focused on the OFFF. It’s been a real pleasure to meet likeminded people from everywhere, and to present our work to such a wide & warm audience.

Our presentation began with the opening video above. After a short introduction of the studio, we quickly moved to the works, and the process behind.

TrueBlood II and Glee, explaining the flash-motion possibilities.

IronMan x Diesel showcasing the 3D-interactive possibilities.

All this was punctuated with side projects & experiments like the last version of our Vidjing, an audio reactive 3D creation. After all this, time to reveal our new showreel for the first time!

Some other pics of the presentation are available on Facebook (more will come). Once again, thanks to Adobe & Offf for inviting us, and  T H A N K S  to everyone who attended the presentation!

Photos by Stenkat (the clean ones).